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Weak nails? It might be what you're eating

by timetospa February 3, 2014
Weak nails? It might be what you're eating

That brittle feeling your nails get when they're a little worn down is actually related to your diet more than you think. Everything from the cuticle to the very tip is made up of mostly protein called keratin - and when you don't get enough nutrient in your diet, a few things can happen. For starters, the protective coating on the very surface of your nail may begin to wear down. As keratin is a highly porous substance, it's important that this stays intact and as thick as possible to help keep out germs and bacteria. 

Once bacteria has had a chance to settle into the bed of your nail, the soft skin underneath becomes a veritable breeding ground. Additionally, the hard-earned length you might've achieved through careful clipping and filing will be at risk as soft nails typically mean they'll break and chip much more easily. To prevent this from happening, strive to eat a balanced diet of vitamin-rich fruits and veggies. Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, also contain proteins and calcium that your body can use to help keep your nails strong. For an extra burst of natural armor, apply a few drops of the CND Special Edition SolarOil to help with strengthening and conditioning.


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