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Do you look tired when you're not?

by timetospa February 10, 2014
Do you look tired when you're not?

When you wake up in the morning and notice a lingering redness around your eyes, don't panic - it's perfectly natural. The root cause of puffiness can vary, however, and there are a few environmental as well as genetic factors that might be contributing to your tired-looking undereyes. 

For instance, have you ever taken stock of how you sleep at night? As puffiness beneath the eyes is usually a direct result of a surplus of fluids in that thin, capillary-rich area of the face, sleeping on your side or stomach might be causing a build up. Similar to congestion and bruising, once you're on your feet and moving around, gravity will help flush out what shouldn't be there. 

You might also be genetically inclined to puffiness and dark circles. While these skincare concerns are not harmful to your health, they're often aesthetically unsavory. With a cleverly designed beauty product, such as Elemis Absolute Eye Serum, you can prime these thin membranes so that only the right amount of hydration is present at any given time. These formulas also act as decongestants, which help rid your skin of any excess clogging. 


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