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Go natural with your skincare

by timetospa February 11, 2014
Go natural with your skincare

As far as beauty fads go, the natural option has been around for a long, long time, but it's now gaining traction in the wider world of popular magazines. Cosmopolitan, for instance, named it as one of this year's emerging trends. The word "natural" can be ambiguous in the world of beauty, however. For some, it means the ability to pull off a full face of makeup without anyone realizing it's there, and for others, it has more of a wellness connotation. In this instance, Cosmo agrees that 2014 is the year that beauty products are becoming healthier. 

Natural living with skincare
The importance of wellness cannot be undervalued. Treating yourself to a periodic trip to the spa isn't exactly what healthy living means in this case, either. Although carving out time in your busy schedule to pamper yourself is certainly important, the benefits of a lifestyle that supports wellness can come from the beauty products that you use daily. For most, this means only using things that don't contain certain ingredients, such as chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances. Other health-oriented beauty buffs might be looking for items that contain only natural pigments or can provide an organic solution to their skincare needs. Whatever the case may be, newcomers to the craze might need a little guidance, which is provided below:

Start with a shampoo
The best hair cleansers for a natural-minded shopper don't include the typical ingredients that strip the scalp of its natural oils. Instead, they contain organic materials that works with sebum, the substance secreted by your pores to naturally condition and protect the follicle. The Phytocédrat Sebum Regulating Shampoo, for instance, works with your natural oils and still cleanses, leaving you with a natural shine that doesn't come from chemicals.

Use a natural exfoliator
Although there's some debate about whether an exfoliator can ever be unnatural, as they're essentially all made with organic compounds, the truly naturally minded often choose products that have as few extra chemicals as possible. The ingredient that gently strips away dead skin in the Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator / 15ml, for instance, is a combination of soft jojoba beads and a natural chemical peel that reaches beneath the surface to help stimulate new skin cell growth. 


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