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What's your orchid look?

by timetospa April 1, 2014
What's your orchid look?

The Pantone Color of the Year is orchid, and that means you have so many options to play with as far as makeup goes. Although the spectrum of purples are the most obvious go-tos for this trend, don't forget the lush array of pinks, corals and blues that complement them. Whether you're going for a simple pop in your eyes or a dazzling new nail look, take a peek at the following ideas for getting the orchid fix: 

Blend purples for perfect nail art
Are you feeling a little flirtatious? Try your hand at painting patterns onto your nails. Polka dots and accent lines, for instance, are quick and easy to do, and with an bevy of purples, you could have a colorful manicure like no other. With CND Nail Colour - Pinks, for instance, you have everything you need - a solid layer for the base and then a few accent colors to paint on top. 

A burst of lip color
Your makeup is perfect the way it is, but you could always use a splash of extra color. With the Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip Shine SPF 35, you'll get just that. Try the pink on for size, alone or with another color, to complement your orchid look with style. 


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