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Makeup artist reveals top trend for brides

by timetospa April 23, 2014
Makeup artist reveals top trend for brides

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - and a killer smoky eye. These are the essentials any bride needs for her wedding day, according to makeup artist Sanni Sorma. 

She explained to the NY Daily News that the most popular look among women in white is a bold smoky eye, partially due to its ability to match any complexion or color combination. The look is best for the spring, as it provides a perfect pop, especially when matched with lighter clothing options. Additionally, the Paris-based artist indicated that the look may be inspired by some of Tinsel Town's most beautiful actresses.

"This spring, there are more and more brides asking for a smoky eye," Sorma told the source. "They want to create drama, and a sexy smoky eye is easy to carry off no mater what your coloring is. I am seeing a lot of photos of Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian as inspiration photos for the brides."

While choosing your makeup for the day is important, deciding which products to use to clean your face is equally as vital. To remove a smoky eye, it's important to choose a cream that will not irritate this sensitive area, such as the Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.


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