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Rock World Cup haircuts

by timetospa July 1, 2014
Rock World Cup haircuts

With the World Cup in full swing, it's clear that the players' cleats are not their only fashion statement. Across the field, players from many different countries are rocking and owning their unique hair styles. Some are letting their hair run wild, while others prefer a more stylized look. Saphir Taider from the Algerian team sports a sharp mohawk, giving him a shark-like look as he sprints down the field. Crowd-favorite Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal wears a similar style but allows his mohawk to sweep stylishly to the side.

In contrast, players like David Luiz of Brazil and Marouane Fellaini of Belgium prefer go grow out their curly locks. These sport stars certainly know how to express themselves through their hair.

Soccer enthusiasts looking to show off their allegiance can easily craft their hair to copy their favorite players. While the curlier afro look might take a while to perfect and the bleached-braid look from French player Bacary Sagna requires long hair, a mohawk can easily be achieved by anyone with help from Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy. By using this styling gel and similar hair products, fans can wear their hair tall and proud, molding it to match whichever player they choose. 


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