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Coconut oil for softer hair

by timetospa August 7, 2014
Coconut oil for softer hair

A beauty trend that has started to slowly catch on is the addition of coconut oil to a lady's daily or weekly routine. According to Seventeen magazine, coconut oil can serve a variety of purposes, including acting as a skin softening agent, shaving gel, lip balm, a pimple shrinker and eye makeup remover. While it seems you can apply  this product just about anywhere for favorable results, it's especially beneficial to rub in your hair. 

You might feel strange heading to the cooking aisle for something that is going on your head instead of in a food dish, but it's the same as the coconut oil you find in the beauty section. The product itself is more solid than the name lets on, but it breaks down and liquefies with a bit of heat or manipulation. It actually comes from coconuts so don't be surprised if people notice a new islandy scent wafting from your hair.

Coconut conditioner
When combined with a cup of hot water, coconut oil can be fashioned into a deep conditioner or hair mask. According to Seventeen, you should use two tablespoons in one cup of hot water, though the actual quantity required varies by the length of your hair. After the oil settles in the container, massage the mixture onto your scalp and down the rest of your mane. After, comb through the natural product with a wide-toothed comb and fasten your hair in a bun. Cover it with a shower cap or just avoid resting your head on anything for an hour then rinse thoroughly.

For a one-step, no-fuss deep conditioner that produces similar results, check out PhytoKarit Ulta Nourishing Mask.

Overnight oil
You can also use coconut oil as an overnight leave-in conditioner. Fashionista reported successful application of the homemade leave-in treatment when it was used after an evening shower. Just rub a dab along the length of your hair for an overnight hydration experience.

Flyaways's foe 
Seventeen recommended massaging some oil onto your scalp before you style it to tame pesky hairs. You can also apply a bit of oil to the ends of your hair to stop bottom frizzies. Additionally, coconut oil can be used to protect your hair from heat damage that results from regular blow-drying, straightening or curling. If your strands require a more intensive treatment to repair damage that has accrued over time, such as from coloring or using heat to style every day, you should invest in a product that will replenish nutrients to your hair, like the Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair.


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