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4 unexpected sources of breakouts

by timetospa August 8, 2014
4 unexpected sources of breakouts

You were just telling your friend how clear your skin has been - then a breakout strikes. Even if you use the right products for your skin, drink plenty of water and keep your hands off of your face, pimples can still appear. Sometimes it's out of your control - hormones, stress, and even the environment may contribute to breakouts. However, there are a few sneaky culprits that may cause acne mayhem when you lease expect it.

1. Washing woes
If your skin is oily and your pores are clogged, it might seem logical to wash your face at every opportunity, before oil or bacteria packs in. Over-washing can actually be counteractive because it strips your face of all the natural oils. When your skin is too dry, it essentially calls oil to the surface for moisture, resulting in clogged pores. You only need to wash your face twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to bed. Try Elemis Soothing Chamomile Cleanser for a gentle and thorough wash. 

2. Blackened brushes
It's one of those things you hear all the time but don't really pay attention to: clean your makeup brushes. It might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but those bristles can hold a lot of bacteria. Women's Health Magazine recommended cleaning loose powder brushes every two or three weeks and foundation brushes once a week. To cleanse your tools, mix a little shampoo and warm water in a cup and swirl the brushes around. Rinse them, pat the bristles dry and lay them out to dry. If you think your brushes are too old or germy for repair, buy a new California Sun Glow Brush.

3. Screen soot
You might not think about all of the germs that are on your hands every time you reach for your phone to send a text or check your social media news feeds, but they are there. You carry your phone everywhere you go, you put it down on various surfaces and then you press it to your cheek to answer a call. When you hold your phone to your skin as you chat, the bacteria that has been resting on the screen transfers to your face. Over time, your cheeks can start breaking out in that area.

To end the problem, start sanitizing your phone screen and case regularly with an antibacterial product. You can even use an alcohol wipe to take care of the bacteria. Additionally, be sure to wash your face every morning and night. 

4. Dairy disaster
Greasy food is an obvious acne agitator, but you might not have known the same is true for dairy. The fat in dairy contains bacteria and yeast which can trigger your immune system and cause acne. Unfortunately, the only way to find out if the problem is your dairy consumption is to eat little to none. If you don't want to give it up completely, try to substitute the current sources with low fat and non fat products. However, because your skin takes time to adjust to dietary changes, you might not see results for weeks.

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