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Sleeping beauty: Tips for looking well rested

by timetospa August 20, 2014
Sleeping beauty: Tips for looking well rested

Maybe you were up until the wee hours studying, you got caught up in your favorite late night talk show or you were just having a great night out with the girls. Either way, you woke up looking less than well rested. So what can you do about it?

Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies and powerful makeup products that can prove to be life-saving in these scenarios.

Follow these tips and you'll instantly be able to fake a good night's sleep.

Cool your peepers
Some of the best tactics for looking fresh faced can be achieved with cold substances. Refinery29 advised placing two spoons in the freezer until they're well chilled, then pressing them to your eye sockets with the curved side in. After holding them in place for several seconds, your under-eye bags should have significantly diminished. Makeup artist Allie Clark also told the source that cold water causes the blood vessels in your skin to constrict, thus reducing both redness and swelling. So consider splashing some on your eyes first thing in the morning.

Conceal carefully
Not so fast with that concealer - NARS international makeup stylist Uzo told Elle magazine that he advises applying a little foundation under the eyes first for better and more long-lasting coverage. After smoothing on your go-to foundation, blend any of the shades in the Colorescience Corrector Palette to perfectly match your skin, and dab it in areas where you see any discoloration.

Lift your brows
It's amazing what a little brow sculpting can do to make you look awake. Daily Makeover suggested darkening in your eyebrows with a brown or taupe pencil, using feathery strokes. By drawing attention to bold, defined brows, you can distract from under-eye circles and bags. Be sure to gently brush them after penciling them in for a more natural effect.

Caffeinate your complexion
While a cup of java in the morning might make you feel more alert, products with caffeine can work similar wonders on your skin. Women's Health magazine advised looking for a moisturizer that contains green tea or other caffeinated ingredients to give your face the fuel it needs.

Line with light colors
A jet black eyeliner is likely to only make you look more tired than you are, because it adds darkness to an area that needs just the opposite. Instead, bring light to your peepers by applying a pale neutral creamy shadow or liner at the inner corners of your eyes, which Daily Makeover noted will give you a wide-eyed look. White pencils can be a bit harsh, though, so Allure suggested a beige one, which can camouflage redness.

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