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Three lip care products you'll need this fall

by timetospa September 17, 2012
Three lip care products you'll need this fall

One of the first places most women begin to feel the effects of fall weather is in their lips. A chapped, dry pout is common as the temperature drops, but if your purse is stocked with the right lip care beauty products, you'll never have to fret about being less than kissable.

The first thing every gal should have on hand is lip balm. Apply a generous amount of a high-quality product, like Elemis Lip Revive, at the first sign of dryness to ward off peeling or other unattractive side effects of colder weather. With beeswax, olive oil wax and cocoa butter, this natural lip balm is perfect for keeping your pout pretty.

If you want to look nice for a day on the town or a morning meeting in the office, you'll also want to keep a moisturizing lipstick on hand. Lip color doesn't have to be drying! Look for a product made with natural additives to keep lips soft while adding a pop of red or pink.

At the end of the day, you'll want to revitalize your lips with a good scrub. Bliss Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser is the perfect way to slough off dead, dry skin as well as cosmetics to leave your smile fresh and pretty.


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