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Why is milk in my skincare products?

by timetospa November 30, 2012
Why is milk in my skincare products?

As you sort through the many skincare products on the market, you may see many that include milk. You know milk contains the vitamins to give you strong bones and teeth, but why is this dairy cooler staple turning up in your spa products?

Using milk in beauty products is nothing new. In fact, Cleopatra reportedly used to bathe in it, enjoying the way it kept her skin soft and supple. Some of the same nutrients we enjoy from drinking milk can also benefit our skin when applied topically. Milk contains lactic acid, which acts as an exfoliant for skin. The amino acids and other nourishing vitamins in milk also make for smooth, hydrated skin. That is why you may be seeing items like milk face wash, body wash and other products.

Some cleansers, bath products and other spa treatments have "milk" in the name to refer to their texture, but some actually contain milk protein. The Elemis Spa At Home Nourishing Milk Bath is one such product. It has a milk protein base that reinforces the skin's acid mantle and restores the skin's moisture balance. You can also use plain old skim milk as a cleanser for oily skin, or use it in powdered form as a base for a scrub along with honey and lemon juice. 


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