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by Nikki Moustaki April 11, 2013

When a father asks a nervous, young boyfriend, “What are your intentions with my daughter?” he’s not expecting a real answer, but rather, he’s proclaiming, “Keep your hands off – or else.” If the father heard an honest answer from the poor boy in the doorway, shivering in his shoes, the girl would likely never see her date again – or see the light of day beyond her window until she turned 35. And the boy would have two black eyes. It’s lucky that most fathers can’t read minds.

Intention, according to the dictionary definition, is an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Intention is a plan. This is how we usually think of the concept. Intentions are tasks on our to-do list. I intend to go to the grocery store today and buy cucumbers. I intend to walk my dog before X-Factor comes on (don’t want to miss the results show). I intend to stay away from the cookie jar today.

Sure, we can perform tangible acts with intention (hey, the cucumbers aren’t going to magically appear in your ‘fridge). But what if you could intend bigger things or situations, or manifest them out of thin air? What if you could have all of the things that you want, but feel are completely out of your reach? And what if your dreams came true, simply because you intended them?

It can happen, according to modern motivational gurus, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., as he discusses in his books, TV and audio programs, The Power of Intention. The teachers in the film and book, The Secret, tout this method too, albeit in a more hokey way – but this “think it and it will come” philosophy works for a lot of people.


The key to mastering the power of intention (if there is such a thing as mastering it), according to Dyer, is not only to think powerfully and positively about the things that you want – the bigger house, the better job, the love of your life – but to feel as if you already have them. The feeling is the “connection to source,” according to Dyer, and that’s what moves mountains. Or at least provokes you to take the first step up the mountain path. It’s not going to climb itself.

So, if you can move proverbial mountains with a thought, why don’t all thoughts come true? Why don’t we all find bags of money on our doorsteps, instantly lose ten pounds, or will the car in front of us lollygagging at 25 miles per hour on the highway to turn to ash and blow away? Because the universe isn’t Santa Claus. The universe – for lack of a better term – the thing that connects us all, is the socket that power-of-intentioners plug their wishes into when they need a jolt. If you don’t know where your socket is, do what Dyer suggests – meditate or pray. Not religious or can’t sit still for a minute and clear your mind? Doesn’t matter. Dyer says to ask for spiritual guidance whenever and from whatever source you feel the most connected to – and then to trust that it will help you attain your goals.



Kate Greer, owner of Nick of Time Films and writer and producer of the 2011 short film, “That’s What She Told Me,” couldn’t envision her movie ever being shot – it seemed like a flickering dream in the deep distance, but it’s what she wanted more than anything. Working at a full time job and going on acting auditions doesn’t help a film get produced. Neither does the lack of resources needed to see a film to fruition: a good director, a willing cast, expensive equipment, and most importantly, funding. The film floated in her mind for years, nothing but a ghost.

“A nightmare audition lit the fire for me to do something different,” says Greer. “I was standing on a stage, the accompanist couldn’t see my music, and after I did my comedic monologue the director looked like he wanted to kill me. I left there in tears, and that’s when I knew I had to do my own thing.” She started jotting down the vision for her film. The second she put pen to paper she knew that something had changed. She felt it. It was as if the movie had become real, and she could envision it playing on the big screen. Within 12 months, over 150 friends, family, and patrons of the arts donated $26,000, enough for Greer to make the film, in which she also had a starring role. “It’s not like angels sing and then you’re suddenly producing a film,” says Greer. “It’s a lot of hard work and nose to the grindstone kind of stuff. You’re in it and you think, ‘How am I going to do this?’ Before you know it you’re doing it. My movie pitch is so seamless because I have said it over and over to everyone who would listen. It’s on my email signature.”


“The reason the film was finished is because so many people believed in the story and in me – I couldn’t let them down,” she continues. “It was almost like the project took over because the story became greater than my ego. The story transcended my fear and insecurity. The story was the inspired energy that kept tapping me on the shoulder to move me forward. The power of many people and their goodwill and good intentions were energetically behind the film and it snowballed.”


With the movie done, Greer now had the job of entering it into film festivals – and each festival had an entry fee. With the funds from the film dried up, she didn’t know how she could afford all of them – so she asked the universe for guidance. “Out of nowhere, literally, a donor put $1000 into the film’s fund,” says Greer. “It came from a friend of one of the actors. It wasn’t anyone I knew or was connected to in a personal way.”


“The myth around the power of intention is that you just think about it and it happens,” she says. “But you have to take an action behind the thought to make it happen. When I ran out of money for the film at one point and had financial obligations, I got down on my knees and prayed. I think it helps because it’s like I gave away the fear to something else to hold it for me. When faced with dilemmas about not having the money to pay for something, or when something broke, or when we needed more food for the cast, or gas money, somehow everything worked out. I have no idea how. Where there’s a negative, a positive always comes around and fills it in.” Feeling that something is predestined or “meant to be” is another way to manifest your goals with intention. Dyer calls it “thinking from the end.” Imagine yourself as already having, doing, or being whatever it is that you want. Apparently, the universe will make it happen – you don’t have to worry about it, you just go along your merry way taking the right actions to move closer to your dreams.


That’s what Margaret Rubin-Finn did when her job as a recording engineer ended. Instead of despairing, she meditated. She always felt that she would be a good businesswoman, so in her 40s she decided to attend college to get a business management and economics degree. She started a successful audio company, eventually going to work for a large record label and traveling the world. But eventually that ended too. She didn’t have a clue what she was supposed to do – until she ran into her ex-husband, a 60s rock and roller, who hadn’t been in her life for years. He told her that the band he was in, The Left

Banke, which had hits that included “Walk Away Renee” (Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song at number 220 in the top 500 hits of all time) and “Pretty Ballerina” – decided to get back together. Finn had recorded them in the 1960s.

“Once I heard that the band was back together, I knew I would be involved,” said Finn. “It took about two months to create a role for myself with them. Now, I manage the band and we’re setting up a tour and planning to record.”

“It’s amazing when you get a bee in your bonnet and you know that what you bring to the table is actually what someone needs to create success,” she says. “My spiritual intention is always to see where my added value can bring changes in order for others to fulfill their potential. When I come across an opportunity to participate in a project, it’s as though I have always been involved – it becomes the easiest thing from inception to fruition. With my part in The Left Banke, it feels as though it was always meant to be.”


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