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Relief for Skin Prone to Redness Facial Redness‚ Rosacea‚ Skin Relief
If you suffer from skin prone to redness‚ often referred to as Rosacea‚ you will know that it can affect you both physically and emotionally. Although it is not usually painful or itchy‚ there may be a burning feeling over the reddened skin‚ but the main issue for the sufferer is because it looks unsightly. It is difficult to treat as there are no real causes for it‚ but there are ways to ease this skin condition.
timetospa Products to Try
La Therapie Creme Fortifiante Elemis Daily Redness Relief

This fortifying cream‚ rich in amino acids and vitamins from Horse Chestnut and Red Vine extracts‚ is formulated for skin that is prone to high coloring and Rosacea. Soothes facial redness‚ supports and protects the skin‚ evens skin tone.

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Elemis Daily Redness Relief

This anti-inflammatory treatment moisturizer helps to reduce the appearance of high color and Facial Redness while nourishing the skin. This treatment is especially formulated for Rosacea sufferers. It is known as one of the foremost Rosacea relief creams available.

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About Rosacea

Who gets Rosacea?
Symptoms may first appear in your early 20s but usually do not start until ages 30–60. Women are more commonly affected than men‚ but Rosacea is often less severe in women than in men and is more common in fair-skinned than dark-skinned people.

How does Rosacea occur?
Rosacea occurs primarily due to poor elasticity in the capillary wall. It usually appears just on the central part of the face - on the forehead‚ cheeks‚ nose‚ around the mouth and chin.

This skin condition can be aggravated by the following:

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures‚ sun‚ rain and wind
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Digestive disorders
  • Alcohol
  • Eating certain foods‚ especially spicy foods

What can I do about Rosacea?
Redness tends to go through flare–up times and calmer periods. The best way to deal with it is to learn what your triggers are and avoid them if you can. Keep a "flare-up diary" to help identify your triggers. This will help you to control it better in the future. Rosacea responds to treatment but as yet cannot be cured.

This advice may help
  • Do not rub‚ scrub or massage the face‚which can irritate the skin amd apply all products gently.
  • Avoid hot drinks‚ spicy foods‚ and alcoholic drinks.
  • Protect your skin from the sun with sunblock cream and by wearing a hat.
  • Try not to become overheated. Avoid hot baths and showers. Try to exercise in a cool environment.
  • Protect your face from the wind and cold by covering it with a scarf when you are outside.
  • Be careful with your choice of skincare products and test them out before using them on your whole face.
  • Avoid heavily scented or alcohol based which can irritate the skin.

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