November - or Movember​, as its known in some circles, is almost right around the corner. If you haven't heard of Movember, here's a rundown. It's a social movement that began a few years ago as an effort to bring awareness to men's health issues through facial hair. The traditional meaning combined "mustache" and "November," as the men participating were expected to let their upper lip fill out for the entire month. These days, it's also common for men to simply stop shaving for four weeks, giving November another moniker - No-Shave November.

In honor of this obscure yet popular month of awareness, we'll be providing all of the information you could desire about facial hair styles and trends. Up first - three well-liked beard silhouettes for your favorite man.

1. Scruff

Sometimes called the five o'clock shadow when it's on the shorter side and often referred to as stubble, scruff is perhaps the most popular beard style right now. It's all about letting his facial hair look natural, yet coifed. Like applying makeup that makes it look like you aren't wearing any, or perfecting the art of purposeful bed head, flawless scruff can take practice. The stubble look is appropriate for any social situation, whether it's a business meeting or a formal event. In its analysis of personalities compared to beards, The Huffington Post explained that scruff tells people that a man is trendy and likes to look laid back, while still putting in effort.

Depending on the desired length, this style can take between two days and two weeks to grow out. According to Men's Journal, one of the best tips to make stubble look unintentionally perfect is making your guy use a trimmer to fade the hair length out around his neck. Once it's neat and ready to go, he should apply ELEMIS S.O.S. Emergency Cream to soothe any irritation from shaving.

2. Short and sweet

This particular beard can give off many vibes, according to The Huffington Post. Academic, scholarly and old-fashioned are a few of the words that were thrown around, but it's quite a versatile style that you can see men of all ages and backgrounds donning.

The best way to for a man to achieve the full yet trim look is by letting his facial hair grow for about a month. He can either completely stop shaving until its at the desired length or maintain a tidy shape while the hair thickens. Men's Journal recommended he use a handheld mirror to keep the line between attractive beard and neck beard apparent. The bottom of his beard should meet the top of his Adam's apple, then follow his jawline from there. Be sure he uses ELEMIS Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel before he cleans it up for a close shave.

3. Circle beard

Most people aren't sure what to call this beard, but it's often referred to as the circle beard or a connected goatee. Those names explain the shape, but here's how your man can have a stellar circle beard. The ideal hair length is about three weeks of growth. He should use a trimmer to make an outline of the correct borders, then apply ELEMIS Smooth Result Shave & Beard Oil and shave the areas around the beard clean. Men's Journal explained that it's best for him to use the corners of his mouth as the guides for each side of the goatee portion, however there should be enough hair on left near the mouth so the beard and mustache are connected. The goatee is meant to extend to the chin bone. Circle beards should be maintained with a trimmer every couple of days, according to the source.


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