When it comes to grooming, most products for men and women are not created equally. This is because men and women tend to have different skin tones and textures. Even though you'll likely stick to your beauty products and skincare items when it comes to looking your best, there are a few products for guys that ladies can feel good about using in a pinch.

Sure, you probably have a slew of purifying, relaxing and other masks in your bathroom to use when you're feeling less than stellar. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, certain masks for men can also be used by their better halves, so feel free to use a mask or facial scrub like the ELEMIS Deep Cleanse Facial Wash For Men if you have run out of yours cleanser or don't have it on hand. A scrub like this helps exfoliate your skin perhaps better than products made for women. 

It is no secret that for some reason, guys' razors seem to be sharper and better than ones made for women. This is why it's probably safe to say that you've used your guy's razor or shaving cream from time to time. One of the best products to take from your guy is a pre-shave oil, experts report. Products such as ELEMIS Smooth Result Shave Oil help prepare the skin and the hair for shaving. The mix of vitamins and herbal oils works to loosen up the hair and moisturize the skin to ensure shaving is less painful. Oils like these can also be a great option for soothing dry skin on your elbows, knees and other skin sensitive areas.

Since men tend to have drier facial skin due to shaving on the regular, it might not come as much of a surprise that their moisturizers pack a punch. Because of this, you may benefit from wearing a dab or two of his go-to product on days when your complexion could use some love - think a super dry winter day. Another plus, most men's skincare products are made with ingredients like citrus to help wake them up in the morning. The same benefits are sure to be felt if you try out his daily face wash.

If you're a bit worried about using men's products, don't fret, Wise Geek blog reports most products are made with similar ingredients, just with different scents.


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