You're craving what? - Learn why

Most women can admit to having a craving for something sweet or savory from time to time, and although many will give in, some might not fully understand where such cravings come from. Women's Health magazine recently discussed what certain cravings mean, and real ways to address them without straying too far from your diet.

Sweet tooth

When you crave something sweet like sugary candy, it most likely has to do with changes in your blood sugar, the news source reports. Even though you might think it will help your sugar levels to give into a bit of cake or a hard candy, this can actually make the fluctuations worse. Instead, you should try to look for foods with just a touch of natural sweetness including fiber-rich options like beans or whole-grain carbohydrates to help regulate your blood sugar levels. Choosing a healthier food will not only help you stay at a healthy weight, but it will also ensure your body is getting what it needs. Incorporating JOU Sweet Enough Dietary Supplement into your daily regimen can also help. This supplement helps maintain blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings. JOU supplements are made using organic roots, grasses, petals, fruits, stems, seeds and woods that are crushed and contained within a vegetarian capsule.


Chocolate is a common craving for women and it's reportedly a sign that your body is craving magnesium. Women's Health reports many nutritionists estimate that close to 80 percent of the entire U.S. population is lacking enough magnesium and this could explain how common chocolate cravings are. If you simply must have some chocolate for whatever reason, make sure to find a brand or a bar that is dark - more than 75-percent dark, to reap benefits including a boost in magnesium and heart health, without tons of unnecessary sugar. Other foods that may satisfy your magnesium carvings including nuts, fish and greens like spinach or broccoli.

Salty snacks

When you reach for a bag of chips or French fries, your stress levels could be to blame. Stress and anxiety can negatively impact your adrenal glands, which give people energy. Instead of reaching for foods high in sodium, try to get to the root of your stress and deal with that first. The magazine suggests exercising during these bouts of anxiety or learning meditation to try and curb the feelings, while also avoiding unhealthy salty snacks. Stress can also cause other woes including fine lines and eye wrinkles. Keep these issues at bay by using ELEMIS products like ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream to reduce the signs of stress while you sleep.

Other common cravings include a desire for red meat, which typically means you need iron and cheese cravings that are linked to a lack of omega-3 fatty acids.