One of the greatest charms of going on a cruise is that you have two of the best ways to relax all in one place: lounging pool-side and going out for a delicious meal at a chic restaurant. To have even more time to relax, go with a beauty look that can take you straight from deck to dinner. Here are three ideas:

1. Botanical beauty

Pink petal-inspired cheeks and lips are an effortlessly beautiful look for your cruise and looks just as lovely sipping sangria by the pool as it does at dinner. Take a cue from Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot's look for Marie Claire magazine - a rose-colored satin lip stick and soft swipe of berry blush is absolutely stunning and elegantly romantic without being stuffy.

2. Sun-kissed glow

Laid-back, low-key makeup is perfect for cruises. A nude lip and sun-kissed skin can be the perfect pairing for your day-to-night relaxation itinerary, just like the look Margot Robbie recently rocked. The California Sun Glow blush powder gives you a beautiful bronzed glow - brush it across your forehead and cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and chin, and across collarbones for a natural look. Add a smile and your set to go!

3. Sultry eyeliner

Smoky eyeliner (waterproof, of course!) can work pool-side when paired with a neutral lip. Smudge just a little eyeliner across top and bottom lashes, and finish with a few coats of mascara. An illuminating highlighter dabbed along cheekbones a nude lip complete the look without being too much. To prep your pout, use the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub to create a smooth and even surface to apply your color. Need some outfit inspo? Look to Chanel Iman's summer-ready style.

Any of these three looks will be stunners on your cruise, so try them all!


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