Millions of women across the country suffer from hot flashes and insomnia related to menopause, and while these annoying side effects can be difficult to grapple with on a regular basis, by adopting great new dietary habits and integrating new supplements into your everyday routine, you may be able to alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms once and for all.

Toxic buildup in your system can exacerbate the night sweats, surges of heat and restless sleep commonly associated with menopause. However, with an herbal supplement like Jou Cool N Calm Dietary Supplement, you can give yourself the body detox you need.

In addition to taking an herbal supplement, you should carefully reconsider the kinds of foods you consume. If you have a sweet tooth or like to indulge in sugary beverages like soda, these things can really do a number on your long-term health.

Instead, you should search for foods containing plant-based estrogens - referred to as isoflavones - like tempeh, barley, garbanzo beans and flax seeds. These foods can help correct hormonal imbalances in the body that may trigger menopausal symptoms - not to mention, they also are loaded with nutrients!


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