Chinese herbal medicine to nourish your body on your cruise

Relax your mind, silence the anxious thoughts running through your brain and hear the calm waves, the sea gulls calling to each other - you're on your cruise, ready to rejuvenate your psyche and return to land with a positive new energy.

The Jou line of Chinese herbal supplements can support you on your journey to inner peace while you get away from it all. All the herbs used in the supplements are wild and/or organic, as well as any roots, grasses, petals, stems, seeds and woods that are incorporated into the formula.

Pack the Jou herbal medicines below in your suitcase and enjoy the path toward synergy and serenity as you set sail. Keep in mind that if you are on a prescribed medication, be sure to check in with your doctor before beginning your herbal remedies regimen.

1. Jou Digestive Health - Dietary Supplement

All-you-can-eat buffets, five-star restaurants and even endless breakfasts of fruit and lean proteins can cause bloating and indigestion, which isn't a fun part of your itinerary on your cruise. Make sure it's smooth sailing in your digestive system with the Jou Digestive Health dietary supplement, which supports healthy digestive functioning.

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2. Jou Life Support - Dietary Supplement

Make sure leave behind the worries, anxieties and stresses of life on shore with the Jou Life Support dietary supplement. It features a formula inspired by ancient practice to address chronic worrying that leads to poor digestion and difficulty falling asleep.

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3. Jou Joint Remedy - Dietary Supplement

On-deck Zumba classes and AquaFit sessions can leave your joints achy and sore, so add some extra relief to your spa massages with the Jou Joint Remedy dietary supplement. It helps maintain healthy joints so you can be active on your cruise and get your circulation going for a healthy flush.

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4. Jou Sweet Enough - Dietary Supplement

Even miles from shore on a cruise, it can be hard to escape from your sugar cravings. The Jou Sweet Enough dietary supplement can be used as part of your diet to help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level and reduce your cravings for the sweet stuff.

Pack these Jou Chinese herbal supplements in your suitcase to revitalize and refresh during your cruise.