As a society, advertisers have brain-washed us to believe that doing five minutes a day with a machine, or by popping a pill, we can burn fat and get the stomach we’ve only dreamed of. The reality is that muscle burns sugar. Our bodies try to convert fat – via the liver – into sugar and provide glucose to the muscles to facilitate movement.

You may ask, “What does this mean for the normal person?” It means that you can do 1000 sit-ups a day and lose weight off your face. Have you ever wondered why the last place you lose weight is the first place you put it on? Put some myths to bed and allow me to highlight how combining exercise, nutrition and most importantly DETOX, you can get the results you deserve.

I can burn fat? MYTH Your body consists of millions of cells. Fat cells make up a high percentage of them. Cells are designed to contain water. Humans carry intra-cellular water (inside the cell) and extra-cellular water (outside the cell). What we need to do is maintain the right balance to ensure that we are not holding too much water outside of the cell, thus causing bloating and water retention. The word “burn” incites thoughts of heat and incineration, but when we add water, the amount of heat generated reduces and thus, so does our fat “burning” ability. Fat burners, strippers, and thermogenics claim to help you burn fat. The reality is that they are high-dosage water pills/diuretics and will do two things. First, they will make you eliminate water too quickly, which strains the liver. Second, they will cause a rise in your body’s core temperature using artificial stimulants that are foreign to your body and extremely damaging to your liver and kidneys. Will you lose weight? Yes. Short-term. The longterm effects of thermogenics are that you will store more water as a defense mechanism against the harmful chemicals you ingested in the first place.

You cannot burn fat. However, you can ensure that your body has access to the fat cells and that it can utilize the fat as a source of energy. How? You must ensure that the liver is functioning optimally and that it is clean. Remember, the liver is the only organ in the body that can metabolize fat. Therefore, if the liver isn’t clean or is too busy processing artificial and synthetic substances, then you will never attain your weight goals. There are many ways to cleanse the liver, but I find the most effective is by using a detoxification program that incorporates blue-green algae. The Elemis Body Enhancement Capsules are bursting with blue-green algae which is very high in chlorophyll. This mimics the blood plasma and helps cleanse the system.

Doing 1000 sit-ups a day will give me a six pack? MYTH Done correctly, a sit-up will result in taking the abdomen into flexion through a curve in the spine. Through correct breathing and activation of the transverse abdomen, a sit-up will help increase core strength, thereby increasing muscle tone. However, what happens if you have excess weight in the stomach area? Will doing the sit-ups get rid of it? Can you spot reduce? No. Why? Because our bodies metabolize fat globally not locally. This means that sit-ups are great for building core strength, but until you eliminate the extra-cellular water stored in these areas, you won’t utilize the local fat stores for energy. The colon, intestines and bowel are all vital organs. If your body senses a build-up of harmful waste in these areas, you will end u storing excess water there. Why? As we said before, your body works tirelessly to remain in a neutral state. Your body is in neutral at a PH of 7.36, but if it senses acidity in a certain area caused by high levels of toxicity, your body sends an alkaline to neutralize the acidity. As water is 70% of your body’s mass, it is the most readily available alkaline; therefore, it will flood the toxic areas to balance them out, which causes swelling in these areas. Sit-ups won’t cut it, I’m afraid. What you need to do is assist your body’s natural functions. The body is designed to heal itself, but we overburden it daily. Instead, we must ensure that our bodies are given the ability to work optimally, eliminate waste and efficiently remain in a neutral state.

Drinking water will help detox my body? PARTIAL TRUTH Two thirds of your body is made up of water. You can survive without food for weeks, but being deprived of water for more than four days could well put you in grave danger. We need water to make us function. It dilutes any acidity caused by impurities and it aids elimination. But will drinking just water be enough to cleanse the body? No. Water does remove water-soluble toxins from the body, but it will not eliminate fat-soluble toxins. For that you need a stronger detergent. Let me put it another way. Take a shirt and put mud on one side and oil on the other. Then take the shirt and drop it in water and leave it to soak. When you remove the shirt from the water, what will be gone? The mud, of course. The water would break it down to the point where it will fall off the shirt. But why does the oil remain? Because water is not strong enough to remove it. It is the same with your body. Water will do some of the work, but to achieve a proper cleanse, you need to use a stronger substance. Scientifically, the best thing to use is something natural. Once again, as already discussed, the Elemis Body Enhancement Capsules which are high in blue-green algae can you help you remove all the waste. So when I hear people telling their clients to drink water as a way of detoxing, they are only halfway right.

This is just the tip of an iceberg that goes way below the surface. Fitness professionals are paid to help people achieve their goals. But how many of you can honestly say that you have had great, long-lasting results with a trainer? There will be those of you who stick at it for a time, but the majority fall by the wayside due to lack of results. This comes from something very simple. Your body is overburdened and unable to work efficiently. It’s like a car without an oil change. You can polish the wheels and buff the bonnet, but unless you change the oil and put air in the tires, it isn’t going anywhere. I implore you to do the following: Remove anything that is low in fat, 99% fat-free, and other so-called “diet” foods. Your body can’t break down something created in a lab. It doesn’t recognize it, but it can store it. In turn, your body will have to work overtime to remain in neutral. Next, but of most importance, get on a detoxification program, one that involves algae and seaweed. Make sure it has a rich iodine content to increase thyroid action, thereby increasing the metabolism. Make sure it has a blue-green algae high in chlorophyll. This will facilitate a liver cleanse and ensure that your body is able to work efficiently. It must be done over a long period of time. Quick fixes do not work.

Remember, your body is designed to heal itself, but it needs a helping hand, given the synthetic, manmade world we live in. If you want to build a strong house of health for yourself, then you need to build a strong foundation with detoxification, build the walls with nutrition, and add the roof of exercise.


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