You've bought some new bathing suits and upgraded your sun hat - but is your smile ready for your upcoming cruise? Don't embark without making sure your teeth are white and gleaming for all those pics you'll take!

There are some easy ways you can boost the brightness of your smile before your cruise. Try these tips:

Steer clear of high-staining food and drink

Certain food and beverages are more prone to staining your teeth than others, so take a detox from the biggest culprits before heading off on your cruise. These include coffee, red wine, black tea, soda, pasta sauce, chocolate, pomegranates and blackberries. Your best bet is to stick to water and seltzer to quench your thirst and munch on fibrous foods that help brush away stains, such as apples, Greatist explained.

And if you just absolutely cannot go without your morning coffee, here's an insider dentist secret: Drink it through a straw, which helps minimize the amount of surface area on the front of your teeth to which the liquid comes into contact. Just make sure hot coffee has cooled down before you start sipping. We won't tell if you want to enjoy your glass of vino through a straw, either.

Whiten the right way

Skip the drugstore options and instead whiten your teeth with an innovative blue-light stain removal system. The GOSMiLE Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System features powerful whitening gel and an advanced toothbrush that emits blue light to enhance penetration of the brightening agents. This system also whitens every surface that you brush, unlike whitening strips that simply lighten the front of teeth, and can even remove years-old stains. The fast-acting whitening formula means you can see a dramatic difference in as little as two days. Be sure to bring along some GOSMiLE Sonic Blue Replacement Toothbrush Heads in your suitcase for backup while on your cruise.

Another option to get your smile cruise-ready is to use the GOSMiLE Smile Whitening 7 Day System. With this at-home regimen, you can get dentist office results at-home without sensitivity or mess.

Before whitening your teeth with strips or trays, dentists recommend that you brush your teeth without toothpaste and then dry your teeth off with a paper towel until all moisture is absorbed, as this will help whitening agents better penetrate your enamel.

Flatter yourself

Your makeup and clothing can make your teeth seem brighter. Red lipsticks with blue tones can make teeth look whiter, while certain orange-based shades or nude lip colors can seem to make teeth appear more yellow. Avoid gold jewelry and instead opt for silver, and choose off-white clothes instead of those in crisp, pure white, which can exacerbate yellowness in teeth, Fairfield Dental Associates advised.

Finally, a sun-kissed tan creates contrast that automatically makes your teeth look whiter - try the California Sun Glow blush powder for a smile-brigthening sweep of bronze.

These are some handy tips for whitening your teeth for your trip, but remember - the most important thing is that you smile lots and enjoy your cruise to the fullest!


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