Going on a cruise soon? Then it's time to get those toes in top shape! Treat yourself to a spa-inspired, at-home pedicure before you hit the seas. That way, whether you're lounging barefoot on deck or slipping into stylish sandals for dinner, your feet will be looking pretty!

Here's how to do an at-home pedicure to prep for your cruise:

1. Soak feet

Draw a bath of warm water and stick your tootsies in to soften your feet and nails and prep the skin for exfoliation. Add Epsom salt or essential oils to the bath for an extra-luxurious soak.

2. Slough away dead skin

All the time we spend on our feet or crammed into too-small shoes causes blisters and dry, cracked skin. Reveal a softer, silkier layer by using a pumice stone on heels and the balls of your feet to exfoliate away rough skin.

3. Shape nails

Clip toenails straight across as much as possible, and avoid cutting them too low - these factors can both cause ingrown toenails. Then, use an emory board to smooth the tips of nails, rubbing the board in one direction instead of backing and forth, which can weaken nails.

4. Paint

Top your toenails with nail polish for a put-together look. A bright, bold pink, fuchsia, purple or coral shade is fun and summery, while clear or nude colors are natural-looking yet elegant. Wait 10-15 minutes until paint has dried completely before moving around, because there's nothing worse than a pesky smudge!

5. Moisturize

Once the nail polish has fully dried, it's time to moisturize those feet! Try the Bliss Foot Patrol - it contains peppermint and salicylic acid to intensely soften and hydrate your skin.

6. Overnight care

For the ultimate in hydration and traffic-stopping toes, moisturize your feet overnight. A spa secret is to apply a generous layer of the ELEMIS Treat Your Feet Foot Cream to skin, and then slip on the Bliss Softening Socks. The socks seal in moisture so you wake up with heavenly-soft feet!

There you have it - your guide to doing an at-home pedicure before your cruise. Get ready to rock your sandals, or go bare!


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