Headed out on a luxurious cruise soon? Make sure your skin's ready to look fabulous on the high seas. A cruise environment demands some special attention given to your complexion. Follow our tips to prepare your skin for your upcoming trip:

Stick to the SPF

On deck, it's just you, the open sea and the sun blazing down upon you - no shady trees to hide under here. Make sure your complexion is protected from the damaging rays of the sun by packing a big bottle - or two - of broad-spectrum protection SPF in your suitcase and slathering it on all over every couple of hours.

Get bikini-ready

It's a lot easier to pack for a trip when you'll mostly be lounging around on deck in your bathing suit! Get your skin bikini-ready by using the Bliss Fat Girl Slimulator in the weeks leading up to departure. Rub this massage tool in gentle circles around your body - the rubber nubs stimulate circulation and prep the skin for moisturizers and self-tanning products.

Pair the massage tool with the Bliss Fat Girl Slim skin-firming cream. QuSome®-encapsulated caffeine helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite while tightening and toning skin.

Tan the safe way

A natural tan isn't worth the lasting damage done to your skin - and the wrinkles that may arrive as a result. Instead, look like a sun goddess on your cruise the safe way. The ELEMIS Glorious Glow collection gives you skin that glows from head to toe with a natural-looking bronze tint. The collection includes the Papaya Enzyme Peel, the Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion, and the Total Glow Bronzing Moisturizer for Face so you have everything you need to look gorgeously tanned from head to toe.

With these tips, your skin will be bright, glowing and protected for your cruise. Now let's set sail!


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