If you're still dreaming about the massages you received on your last cruise, fear not - you can still pamper skin now that you've traded the high seas for solid land. There are many self-massage moves you can use to soothe tired muscles and hold yourself over until your next vacation.

Below are a few techniques from our massage therapist to try. To make the moves even more rejuvenating, use our ELEMIS Instant Refreshing Gel or ELEMIS Musclease Active Body Oil during your massage.

Pamper feet

Trading flip-flops for work shoes or heels can do a number on feet. Ease any pain or soreness with a handy tennis ball. Sit in a chair, then place a tennis ball on the ground near your feet. Roll feet, one at a time, over the tennis ball - the movement massages arches and helps provide relief for achy feet. Try a minute for each foot. You can even do this technique at the office!

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Unwind your shoulders and back

Making the transition from a lounge chair on deck to your office chair can be painful, too. When you're spending eight hours or more per day at a computer, you may not notice how often you hunch your shoulders over and hold tension in that area. A tennis ball can also be useful for easing upper back pain. Stand against a wall, then place a tennis ball behind your right shoulder blade. Bend your knees slightly to move the ball down, then stand up. Continue moving the ball up and down for 30 seconds, and then repeat the movements for your left shoulder blade.

Lower back relief

If your back is aching, try placing one hand on either side of your spine, above your hips. Use your fingertips to make kneading motions over the muscles, wherever there are aches or soreness. You can make the motions up and down your back - just be sure not to massage your spine.

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Face massage

Muscle tension doesn't just show up in your back, shoulders or legs - it shows up in your face, too. Relieve the stress with an easy face massage. Place fingertips at the highest point of your cheekbones on either side of your face. Make small, slow circles with your fingers, drawing circles along your cheekbones until your reach your temples and then your scalp to release tension. Another move you can do is place two fingers above each eyebrow and then move them out toward your scalp, repeating several times.


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