All of us would love to have those long, strong and healthy nails you see on models and actresses. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the time or the self-discipline to keep our own in such stellar shape. But, do you know what the state of your nails say about your overall health?

Healthy nails are strong, smooth and clear or whitish in color. Unhealthy nails may be jagged, broken and have grooves, ridges or discoloration. They can make you feel self-conscious and unattractive, and leave you yearning for the days when wearing fashion gloves was in vogue.

Cuticles are important too. If you damage your this sensitive tissue, you may create areas where infection can easily enter the body. Since your hands are often the first part of your body to come into contact with a contaminant, this poses real risk.

Discoloration can occur from cigarette smoke, but it may also be a sign of nutrition deficiency. Short or jagged nails could tell the world that you have had some serious stress issues lately. Solve this problem by dealing with whatever it is that's on your mind, and then taking time to relax and practice a little self-pampering. Nothing makes a girl feel better than a fresh coat of professional nail polish.


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