Shhh ... we're going to let you in on a little secret: Cruise ships are hiding some magical spots for rest and relaxation away from the crowds and the noise! If you swear off cruises because you fear being stuck with too many people, or love cruises but stick to the top deck only, then you've really been missing out.
Check out our list of secret cruise spots below - but just don't tell anyone else about them, OK?

1. The library

Gleaming oak walls, stacks of sophisticated tomes and plush chaises - on-ship libraries are oases of quiet and solitude, not to mention you'll feel quite classy hanging out in one. Cruise Radio shared that libraries and lounges see the most use in the evening, but during the day they become elegant escapes for getting away from the crowd.

2. Exclusive decks

Everyone wants to spend a lot of time on deck during a cruise, soaking up the sun. But we if we told you that certain cruise lines have super-exclusive, secret top decks that only the super-in-the-know enjoy? CruiseCritic has a whole list of them here. For example, Seabourn ships have hot tubs and complimentary Champagne and cavier on the elusive Deck 6, while certain Carnival ships feature the Lanai, a cozy deck that's also right next to a pub. CruiseCritic's advice for taking advantage of these sweet spots? Check them out early on in your cruise, as word starts to spread about many of them after a few days!

3. Adults-only sections

Most cruises these days have adults-only sections. They can be havens for rest, relaxation and fun, isolated from the noise of yelling, splashing kids and loud families. These areas are designed to be fun, comfortable hideaways, so be sure to check them out!

4. Promenades

Promenades are walking areas on ships that offer great views, and while lots of people will be strolling down the main areas during peak hours, there's often twists and turns of the stretch that don't see many visitors, notes CruiseCritic. Check out the quieter sectons and you may find a new favorite nook!


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