Finding time to exercise in between meetings and being with family can be a challenge. Despite some ladies best efforts to pump some iron, life unfortunately can get in the way. Even though it can be hard to get in a full workout, most women might be able to fit in a bit of yoga each day, and trust us - your body, mind and complexion will thank you. Self magazine recently broke down the main reasons why yoga is so beneficial and here are some of the best:

Be happy

Yoga does more than just stretch out the body while making it stronger and leaner, it also boasts many mood and mind-altering components. Doing one hour of asanas yoga, which has you do a sequence of standing and sitting moves, has been linked to raising the levels of a chemical known as GABA in the brain. Low levels of GABA are associated with feelings of depression, so keeping them up is key in maintaining a sunnier outlook in life, the news outlet reports.

Feel as good as you look

Another perk of yoga is that it works to alleviate pain through strengthening the body. A study published in the medical journal "Spine" found lower back pain sufferers who performed two 90-minute yoga classes a week for six months reported 56 percent less pain on average. Participants given pain medication and physical therapy over the same time, only saw a 16 percent average pain decline.

Better night's sleep

Most ladies understand that they aren't getting younger, which makes getting enough sleep each night even more important. Stress and sleeping less than the recommended 7 to 9 hours a night can not only make women feel more groggy, but can also increase signs of aging like fine lines and eye wrinkles.

Self reports practicing just 45 minutes of yoga a day can result in people not only falling asleep faster, but staying asleep for longer. The activity works to alienate pain and stress, allowing participants to relax and enjoy catching some z's

Improves attitudes

It's easy for ladies to get in beauty ruts from time-to-time, but getting in shape may boost confidence and your desire to look your best. If you've been rejuvenated thanks to yoga, it might be nice to use beauty products to look as good as you feel. Swiping on a touch of California Sun Glow on your cheeks might offer your skin that pop of color its been lacking all winter.


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