Maybe you were in a rush and settled on that questionable waxing joint down the street to take care of the caterpillars that were growing over your eyes. Maybe that eyebrow-threading job was a little much for you, or you got a little carried away with the tweezers. Whatever the reason, if your brows are gone, crooked, or otherwise messed up, you're probably desperate to fix them.

Don't panic - contrary to popular belief, eyebrows do grow back. It will take some time, but here's how to cover up your brow blunders in the meantime.

Ouch! That hurt!

One of the worst eyebrow issues is when the wax burns you. If some of the skin on your face fell victim to a rogue drip of wax, you might be experiencing even more pain and redness than usual. That said, even the best eyebrow waxes can come with some painful redness and swelling post-removal. You can soothe the pain with a topical pain reliever like BioFreeze Roll-On Tube, then move on to the next step - camouflaging the mistake!

Pick your weapon

"Penciling" your eyebrows may evoke images of Christina Aguilera in her "Stripped" days, but don't worry - that drawn-on look is not what you will be rocking while your brows recover. In fact, almost every model you see on the pages of any magazine has her brows filled in. Really, you're just following the trends!

Don't reach for your eyeliner, though. Beauty products to fill in your brows should have a powdery finish so they blend in with the rest of the hair. Using makeup products like Colorescience Brow Palette, hiding your brow woes is especially easy. It comes with three shades that you can blend together or use alone for a more natural look. Glamour Magazine recommends choosing a color that is a shade or so lighter than your actual brow color - taupe is a hue that works on almost everyone.

Fill 'em in

The way you fill in your brows really depends on what went wrong with your tweezing or waxing. If one of your brows doesn't match the other, pick the side you like better and fill in the opposite to match. Make sure to sweep the brow filling beauty products over both for continuity, Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends.

If you just need a deeper shade throughout (or if the waxing, threading or plucking left your eyebrows really thin) hold your skin taut just above your brow and softly line the upper edge, using feathery strokes with the makeup brush, Oprah Magazine recommends. Gradually fill in the rest with the same procedure. If you mess up, simply remove the makeup with a cotton swab and keep practicing! Your full brows will be back before you know it.


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