All too often, we find ourselves behind our desks and craving something small to snack on. And while we try to be healthy, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves reaching for whatever is convenient. But it’s time to put down the break room sweets. According to a recent study, nuts are what you should be reaching for when looking to stay lean.

The Study

Over the span of five years, the European Journal of Nutrition studied the iets of 373,000 individuals from 10 European countries to see how their weight fluctuated when eating this high-calorie food.

On average, the participants gained 4.5 pounds. And, it was noted that the individuals who ate the largest amount of nuts each day gained less weight than their counterparts. And they came to the conclusion that people who ate nuts at least once a week had 10 percent less body weight.

Implement Nuts Into Your Diet

It may seem counter productive to include a high-calorie food into your diet, but you’d be wrong. Nuts will keep you felling fuller longer thus preventing unnecessary snacking. The fiber and the protein are also more difficult for your body to digest thus helping you to burn more calories. To reap the benefits of this high-calorie food, eat at least 12 grams of nuts a day. For reference, each one-ounce serving of walnuts is 28 grams. To receive the correct amount of nuts for your snack, make sure you portion them out beforehand. This will keep you from accidentally eating more nuts than you intended, and on the track to a leaner lifestyle.


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