“Gym Rats,” “Meat Heads,” “Swole Patrol” – the names for serious gym-goers get pretty outrageous. But, what if simply being an athlete was the key to staying in the best shape your entire life?

A recent study in BMJ Open found that those who play sports are more likely to stay active into their later years than those who perform other physical activities. And, it’s all because it’s fun.

The study began with a group of men in their early 40s and took note of their physical activity. Twenty years later, around the time of retirement, the study analyzed how the same group was faring. And, it found that those who were more active younger in life – particularly in sports –stayed active as they got older.

It’s important to remain active even as one gets older as physical activity keeps muscles and joints agile. It also keeps the heart and other vital organs functioning healthily, which wards off disease and illness. Not to mention, being active releases endorphins that encourage positive feelings.

But, if your younger years were mostly spent behind a desk and rarely saw the a court or field, its not too late. The study also found that the men who picked up a sport within the last four years were still two times more likely to remain active later on.

So, get up, hit up the guys, and get out there for a pick up game whenever the opportunity strikes. The most important part is that you’re moving your body and having fun doing it.


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