We all know about “fourth meal.” It’s past dinner and dessert but before bedtime and you’re craving a little something. But, the little voice in your head debates back and forth of whether or not you should indulge and sleep it off.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

Going to bed with an empty spot can be difficult as it weighs on your mind. But, the physical repercussions of eating too late can be even more uncomfortable. They include bloating, trouble digesting, and loss of sleep. And overtime this can all lead to unwanted weight gain.

So, you have to determine the balance between being too hungry and too full. On a scale of one to 10, anything above a five deserves a trip to the pantry. But, anything below should be supplemented with a small glass of water or tea, or nothing at all.

However, when it's time to choose your snack, you need to pick wisely. A whole-grain snack will release serotonin in the brain. This should come out to 200 calories or less so that there is still a minimal amount of food making its way through your stomach as you calm down. Also be sure to avoid high-protein and fatty foods at all costs. Rather, a piece of toast or a handful of popcorn will prepare you to settle into your sheets shortly after.

Either way, “fourth meal” can make or break how your night's sleep turns out. So, be sure to think things through before chowing down.


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