Everyone's familiar with the feeling: You wake up and yawn groggily as you look in the mirror and are - yikes - see that your eyes are puffy. It's not a flattering look, but many women deal with it from time to time.

Let's take a closer look at why you wake up with puffy eyes - and what you can do about it:

Causes of puffy eyes

Fluid retention is the main reason why you may have puffy eyes. Water can gather in the area beneath your eyes, causing the skin to look like it's puffed up, as the Mayo Clinic explained.

But there are several different reasons why this excess water accumulation happens in the first place. We all love a bag of chips now and then, but eating salty foods can cause the skin around your eyes to retain fluid. A poor night of sleep can cause puffiness, as can hormonal changes, stress, allergies or irritation of the skin around the eye.

How you can reduce puffiness

Lifestyle changes like cutting excess sodium out of your diet and getting more sleep each night can help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. There are also products you can use to hydrate, nourish and balance this delicate area of the skin.

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks are formulated to instantly tighten skin, leaving eye contours looking visibly smoother and feeling intensely moisturized. These masks are a great pick for when you wake up with your complexion looking less-than-stellar and need to be ready for a meeting or other important occasion ASAP.

Incorporating La Thérapie Gel Contour Des Yeux Apaisant - Soothing Eye Gel into your skincare regimen can also work wonders for puffiness, as the super-hydrating and cooling gel targets dark circles and puffiness for refreshed and youthful eyes.
Being more conscious about your lifestyle choices and adding specialized products to your skincare routine can help you combat eye puffiness.


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