Want to Lose Weight? Take Two Weeks Off Your Diet
Yes, it’s true. You can take two weeks off of your diet and still lose weight.

A new study in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that taking a break from your diet can be beneficial. The study included 51 men who were divided into two groups. The calorie cyclers are 33 percent fewer calories than what would be necessary to maintain their weight but took a break for two weeks. The regular dieters maintained the calorie restriction throughout the study.

The study concluded that six months after the diet ended, the calorie cyclers were on average 18 pounds lighter than the calorie restriction group.

How It Worked

When you are eating less than your normal calorie intake you are boosting your metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories at rest. So, when you’re periodically dieting you’re keeping your body working to process food effectively. It’s important to remember that to keep up this periodic dieting routine you’ll need to carefully plan out your meals to make sure you are reaching the correct calorie requirements.

Should I Implement a Periodic Diet to Lose Weight?

Men of all sizes who want to shed a few pounds can benefit from periodic dieting. First, you’ll want to determine how many calories a 33 percent reduction would leave you with. Plan your diet around your lifestyle to make sure you are eating at optimal times during the day so you don’t go hungry.

Follow this plan for two weeks and then switch to your calorie break. You’ll move to your regular caloric intake for two weeks and then repeat the cycle. Remember, your calorie break should not be considered a cheat period. So, don’t resort to pre-diet habits and stick with lean protein and vegetables.


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