It's amazing how many excuses we can come up with for not working out: we're too tired, the weather is too yucky, we don't have any cute, clean gym clothes, we can't find a hair tie, our bed is too comfy ... the list goes on and on. Not having enough time to exercise, however, will no longer be an acceptable reason with these quick-and-speedy workout ideas:

Try interval training 

Think you need to complete a grueling 90-minute workout each day to see benefits? Think again. Interval training is the answer to busy women's fitness conundrums. This type of workout is where you alternate low-intensity and high-intensity exercise, for example, sprinting at a high speed on the treadmill for 5 minutes and then walking for three, and repeating for a set amount of time. As Buzzfeed notes, research shows that short bursts of vigorous activity can actually be more effective than long workouts at an even level of intensity. So squeezing in a quick interval sesh at the gym or at home can help you stay in shape even when your schedule is packed. 

Feel the burn at home

When you're pressed for time, having to travel to the gym can be the first thing that's removed from your to-do list. Instead, do a quick workout at home. All you need is a small, clear space, like your bedroom or living room floor, and thanks to bodyweight exercises, no equipment is required. To keep things from getting boring, you can follow free fitness classes on YouTube. They have videos on every type of exercise that you could want, from yoga-and-pilates hybrids to barre workouts. There are even fitness videos featuring exercises that don't make a lot of noise for those on second-floor apartments who worry disturbing their downstairs neighbors!

With these ideas, you can always make time for a workout, no matter how busy your day is!