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3 gorgeous holiday party beauty looks to try

Holiday parties are an exciting opportunity to amp up the glamour and sparkle in your makeup and hair style. Don't hold yourself back - instead, have fun and be festive! For inspiration, here are three gorgeous holiday party beauty looks to try:

1. Scarlet style

Bold, rich red is the color of the season, whether's it's in stiletto boots, a floor-length gown or a flowing flannel scarf. Embrace the vivacious hue in your holiday party makeup with a bright red lip paired with a soft dusting of scarlet on eye lids. For lips, the secret to a perfect pout is properly exfoliating and moisturizing your lips beforehand - that creates an even surface for lip color that will stay on all night without smudging. As for eyes, red shadow can be shocking, but not when a soft, ethereal dusting of sparkly crimson shadow is applied just to the lash line or outer corners of the lids. 

2. Modern-art-inspired liner 

Want a fresh and fun look that's sure to turn heads at your holiday soiree? Try applying your eyeliner away from your lashline. That's right - "floating liner" as it's called  by Cosmopolitan U.K. has been all over the runways this season. The sharp angles and negative space creates an edgy look that's a fierce update to the classic cat-eye. 

3. Victorian romance 

Frills, ruffles and related Victorian-era flair another fashion trend that can be embraced in your holiday party beauty look. For hair, tease your crown and then gather strands into a low ponytail and secure with a black satin or silk ribbon. For makeup, go with a soft smoky eye accented by a rosy lip. The result is a soft and romantic look perfect for your holiday party.