2018 is around the corner, which means it's time to focus on refreshing your skin and beauty routines. Here are three resolutions for a radiant and beautiful new year:

1. Build a skincare routine

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of skincare products on the market with endless purposes. How do you determine which ones are the best? How many products do you actually need in your routine? How can you feel better about your complexion? Make 2018 the year you find the answers. Talk to dermatologists and beauty professionals to understand which products will work for you. Try out different cleansers, and promise yourself that you'll take your makeup off every day, no excuses! Find the toners, serums, oils and moisturizers to build a personal routine that makes you feel confident in your fresh, flawless skin.

2. Clean your makeup brushes ... regularly

We know we should clean our makeup brushes daily, but they inevitably end up collecting layers of makeup for months. This causes bacteria to develop on the bristles, which has less than favorable effects on our face. Regular cleaning means healthier skin and better makeup application. Make it a major priority as you hone your beauty and skincare routines in the new year.

3. Stay true to you

Fashion crazes, skincare fads and new hairstyle inspirations will catch our attention in the upcoming year. Have fun with them, and combine the styles with your personal quirks. Feel confident and trendy in your own shoes, rocking your favorite new and old styles. Don't forget the importance of "me time" on your health and well-being. Treat yourself to soothing baths, rejuvenating face masks and the pleasures of a good book or movie. It's also helpful to avoid incessantly staring at the mirror to find flaws (we've all been there.) Happy New Year, gorgeous!


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