Sick of feeling groggy in the morning - and then irritable when the caffeine boost from your coffee begins to fizzle out? Consider adding some stretches to your morning routine. The right moves can help you wake up your body and mind to face the day with confidence and enthusiasm to spare.

Here are three energizing morning stretches to try:

1. Forward fold to bridge pose

Lifestyle blog Byrdie recommends this gentle morning yoga sequence to get your blood pumping. First, begin standing up and then bend to touch your toes, keeping your legs straight. If you can't touch your toes yet, no worries - just let your arms reach as far as they can without bending your knees. Then, slowly sit down and place your legs out in front of you. Lay your back on the ground. Lift up your hips slightly and link your hands together under your back. Then, slowly lift your hips higher until your chest, hips and knees form a straight line. Hold for a few moments, and then lower your hips back down to the ground. Do the rest of the poses listed on the site for an even more in-depth yoga wake-up call.

2. Upward stretch

Symbolize reaching for your ambitions during the day to come with an upward stretch first thing in the morning, as POPSUGAR fitness suggests. To do the pose, sit in a cross-legged position on the floor, then raise your arms above your head and reach toward the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds, and the repeat the stretch on each side of your torso.

3. Shoulder stretch

Waking up with knots in your shoulders from sleeping the wrong way is a frustrating way to start your day. To ease tension, stand upright and link your hands together behind your back, with your arms extended. Keeping your hands together, lean forward so that your chest is facing the floor and your linked arms are pointing up toward the ceiling behind you. Hold for a moment so that you can feel the stretch in your shoulders, then return to standing position.

Post-stretch skincare

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