While greenery brightens a room with the life of the outdoors, not all of us are capable of keeping it alive for long enough to enjoy the benefits. When plants are thriving, they add color and texture to your decor, purify the air and create a calming environment that supports your overall well-being.

Don't worry if you have a bad history with caring for plants. We're here to help you add greenery to your space, even if you don't have a green thumb:


In your bedroom: succulents

Brown and black thumbs unite over these adorable plants that need very little maintenance. There are several types, so you can arrange them in separate containers or build a succulent garden in a larger pot. If that seems like a lot of effort, you can buy one that someone else has already beautifully arranged for you. They like the sunlight, so consider placing them on your windowsill. Try to water them at least once a week, but don't freak out if you forget. They're super drought-resistant so they'll forgive your accidental negligence.

In the kitchen: herbs

Give your kitchen a chic and French-inspired upgrade by tying a bunch of fresh herbs together and hanging them with burlap string. To make life even easier, get a herb kit at the local farmer's market or grocery store. Most come with glass jars so you won't have to worry about hanging them. Not only will they look fabulous and smell heavenly, they'll be easily accessible while you're cooking. To care for them, simply water occasionally. If you're still nervous, choose one of the self-watering kits that will keep the herbs healthy even if you forget to water them.

In the living room: bamboo

Bamboo thrives with minimal care and isn't picky about needing sunlight so you can put in the corner of the living room and essentially forget about it—well, aside from replacing the water occasionally, ideally with bottled or distilled water. In addition to being nearly indestructible, feng shui says these plants, specifically lucky bamboo, bring good luck and fortune. Find a pot that complements the style of your space and watch you bamboo grow into a stunning statement piece with little effort on your end.

Good luck brown and black thumbs! With these plants, you too can fill your spaces with gorgeous greenery.


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