Spring fever might have you itching to book a vacation. If you're thinking about taking a cruise, be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible. From securing the best room to saving money, booking your cruise early has a bunch of benefits!


Get a great price

Unlike airfare that locks you into whatever price you pay, cruise fares work differently. Let's say you plan to take a cruise in November. When you book the reservation in May, the fare costs $1,000 per person. If the rate drops to $850 per person in July before final payment, in most cases you can take advantage of that lower price!


Save money on airfare

Speaking of airfare, if you book your cruise far in advance, you have more time to book your flight to the departing cruise port - and more time to secure a great deal!

Try searching on Google Flights, which typically offers cheaper airfare prices than the big name travel sites. When you find some dates and airlines that work for you, try searching for them on SkyScanner, which can provide an even better price.


Secure the perfect room

Sort of like checking into a flight early and claiming the best seat (the window seat, obviously), booking a cruise early allows you first pick of staterooms. Do you want a room with a luxurious wrap-around balcony? When you plan your trip months in advance, you better your chances of getting exactly what you want.

If you still need more convincing there's one more reason: The more you plan in advance, the more time you have to coordinate plans with your loved ones. Everyone's busy and reconnecting on a cruise may be just what the R&R doctor ordered!


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