With all the entertainment to be had outside of your cabin, you don't need a huge stateroom to have a fabulous time on a cruise. However, maximizing the space in the tiny room can make the time you do spend sleeping and getting ready an easy breeze.

Here's how to save space in the tight quarters:


1. Store suitcases under the bed

Take advantage of the area under the bed to store your luggage, rather than taking up limited floor space. You can unpack most of your belongings in the provided drawers and closets, but if you need extra storage space, you can even create a makeshift drawer. Simply put your suitcase under the bed, but leave it open and near the edge of the bed. That way, you can easily slide it in and out to access your clothes and accessories like it's a built-in drawer.


2. Create more hanging space

Throw some magnetic hooks in your luggage, as they'll come in handy for alleviating space on the floor and countertops. Think purses, beach bags, hats, scarves, towels, cardigans, belts and other accessories that usually end up on the couch, chair or bedside table. Cruise cabin walls are made of metal, so you should be able to hang these hooks pretty much anywhere you would like.


3. Keep your laundry organized

When you're in tight quarters, the last thing you need is dirty clothes littered throughout, probably causing a less-than-ideal smell to quickly permeate throughout the room. Instead, hang a dirty laundry bag to keep everything in one, tidy place. Alternatively, you can even pack what you're not going to wear anymore, leaving those clothes, shoes and accessories in your suitcases under the bed. It keeps them out of the way, but also makes packing on your last day that much easier.


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