Just like everyone else on board, you go on a cruise to relax, have fun, and come home with a sun-kissed glow. You don't come on board to listen to screaming children or feel uncomfortable while other guests press the limits of the crew's patience. In order for everyone to enjoy their experience at sea to the fullest, all cruise guests should be mindful of these simple rules.


Pace yourself at the bar

It can be tempting to get carried away at the bar on any cruise ship, especially those that are all-inclusive. The drinks are cold and fruity and served with a little umbrella. And why shouldn't you treat yourself? This is your vacation after all. Don't forget there are hundreds of other guests on board also trying to enjoy themselves. It may detract from their experience to have an intoxicated stranger getting sick on the dance floor. Cruises are a great place to be social and let loose, but don't forget to drink responsibly.


Share the chair

Deck chairs can be a point of contention on a crowded cruise deck. Remember that chairs don't belong to any one guest and are meant to be enjoyed by all. If you are leaving your chair for an extended period of time, do not try to lay claim to it for later by covering the chair with your personal belongings. Most modern cruise ships are equipped with ample seating for everyone on board, so don't worry if you return to find someone enjoying your spot.


Be a good sport

Most cruises try to entertain audiences and facilitate guest mingling with shows and special events at meal times. Many cruise lines, for example, offer comedy shows, live concerts and mixers. Whether you are called up on stage or you take in the show from the back row, enjoy yourself, participate when appropriate and be respectful of performers and your fellow guests.

A cruise can be a great place to meet new people and make memories that will last long after you are back on land. Make sure to be a courteous shipmate!