With all the sights and destinations you're bound to encounter during your cruise, no doubt you'll want to be able to power up your devices and capture many moments in photos. Don't forget to pack these helpful tech gadgets to ensure that your vacation experience is seamless.


European to US plug adapter

Cruise ships typically have only one US-style plug outlet, along with at least two European-style ones. In order to maximize your resources, grab a couple plug adapters to bring along so that you can make efficient use of all available power. If you happen to travel to any European destinations along the way, you'll be especially thankful to have these. Though European-style outlets will have a higher voltage output, this should not be an issue with most of your devices.


Portable Tripod

A tripod will increase your photos' quality by providing increased stability, especially if your plan is to come home from your cruise with plenty of photos and videos to share. There are plenty of small and portable tripods available, so be sure to find one that suits your specific needs and photographic desires. This gadget will continue to serve you even when you return from your cruise trip, so it's a great pre-departure investment.


Portable battery charger

When you're basking in the sun or exploring a new spot, there's nothing more aggravating than when your portable devices run out of battery. Be sure to pack a portable battery charger for your phone and camera. With an overnight charge, these handy guys will help you out even more than you expect, so don't forget to throw them in your purse or backpack when you head out for the day!

With these handy gadgets, you surely won't miss a thing on your next exciting cruise experience.


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