Many women become stuck in their ways when it comes to beauty routines. Whether your go-to is a smoky eye or face contour on the daily, there will undoubtedly come a time when you grow tired of the extra effort and time it takes to create complex makeup looks. Summer is a great season to simplify your beauty routine since the heat can be tough on layers of makeup and you'll already have a little extra summer glow to your skin. But simple doesn't have to mean boring! Try paring down your beauty look by focusing on these key components.

Fresh eyes

A dark or smoky eye can be a huge time suck when morning minutes are running short. If that's the look that you're used to, you'll be surprised to hear that your eyes can look just as big and bright with less than half the time and makeup. Choose a natural, color-enhancing shadow, like a shimmery mauve to swipe across the lids along with a few coats of mascara on the lashes. If you're not big into ditching the liner, run a darker shadow across lower lashes to create the fullness effect and add some curl to the upper lashes.

Get cheeky

One of the simplest components of a natural beauty routine is the cheeks. A hint of either powder or cream blush brings some color to your face in no time, giving you the morning wakeup you need. If you want to enhance your natural sun-kissed glow, opt for a blush with bronzer tones and even some shimmer for a one-and-done!

Pucker up

If a natural look doesn't exactly cut it for you, the lips are the go-to spot to spice it up. You can easily elevate a simple look with one coat of bold lipstick. From a peachy pink to a deep brown or even a bright purple, have fun and show your flirty side with a new color to compliment your fresh-faced look.

The change may feel daunting, but after simplifying your beauty routine with these fresh tips you'll never want to go back to spending precious time piling on the product.


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