What's the worst part of a cruise vacation? Getting off the ship for the final time. While you're free to mourn the end of your vacation, expert cruisers know that there are a few important factors to keep in mind when it's time to head home.

Follow these tips from Cruise Fever and CruiseLine.com for a smooth sailing disembarkation day:

Confirm what you owe

Check your bill before you walk off the ship. That way, you can catch any errors and ask for reimbursement if you've been charged incorrectly. It's much easier to deal with this in person at the Guest Services desk on board, rather than waiting on hold for hours trying to reach a customer service representative once you're home.

Double check the safe

If it's important enough to lock away, it's definitely not something you want to accidentally leave behind. After you're packed and ready to leave your cabin, double check your safe to make sure you don't forget your valuables.

Enjoy one more meal

If you don't have a tight schedule, take your time leaving the ship. Have one last meal - especially as you've technically already paid for it. Plus, you'll have fuel to keep you going during your travels home.

Beat the crowds

If you packed light and don't expect to have any trouble handling your own luggage, opt for self-assist disembarkation. Cruisers who choose this option are called to depart first, so you can bypass other passengers who are waiting for porters to assist them.

Continue the vacation

If you're not ready to head home right away, considering booking one last excursion in the disembarkation port. This is an especially thrilling use of your time if your flight home is later in the day. Some cruise lines even offer these disembarkation excursions, and will drop you off at the airport afterwards.

After a successful disembarkation day, there's only one thing left to do: Head home and start planning your next glorious cruise vacation.


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