You don't have to be a fitness guru to design your own workout routines - but having an expert guide you is certainly a helpful way to get started.

Jacky Anderson is a personal trainer who shared his own advice, plus some tidbits from Nick Catlin's Olympic workout routines, with Jen Reviews. According to these fitness experts, here's what you need to know about building your own exercise routines:

For gym days

If you're headed to the gym, you'll want to break up your routine into sections. Start with a warm up, such as stretching or foam rolling, to get your body ready for what's to come. Next, get your heart pumping with a power-based exercise like box jumps or moves that work the whole body. From there, focus on barbell exercises. Move on to legs with exercises like lunges, squats and hamstring curls. Grab the dumbbells for some upper body moves, then finish up with your core.

For at-home workouts

When you can't make it to the gym, build a workout you can complete at home. Circuits are great for home workouts because you don't need a lot of room or equipment to repeat a few moves. You can focus on one or two muscle groups, such as the upper body and core with moves like pushups, back extensions, planks and press ups. Alternatively, combine cardio and strengthening exercises to create a full-body routine.

For busy schedules

If you're slacking in the time department, super sets are a fast and super efficient way to get your workout in. Simply combine sets of exercises that work multiple muscle groups to cut down how long it takes to finish the session, and take minimal breaks in between moves.

Once you have the order down, you can switch up the moves you complete during each section of the workout. Try these athlete-tested formulas and see the results you want!


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