It's time to take out the sweaters, boots and scarves for you and the blankets, candles and pumpkins for your home. Give your spaces a cozy seasonal vibe with these easy fall decor ideas:

Welcome to your autumn abode

Revamp your porch, front door and entryway with some gorgeous outdoor fall decor. Layer up the pumpkins on the stoop, create an autumnal wreath for the door and fill your pots with seasonal blooms. These fall porch ideas from House Beautiful will help you shower your home's exterior with stunning seasonal decor.

Layer on the cozy

Break out the blankets for both practical and decorative uses. HGTV recommended layering textures, such as wool, cotton, chenille and cashmere for chic and cozy spaces. Warm hues and plaid patterns are also always reminiscent of the fall season. Swapping out your usual throw pillows for some with deep colors and rustic textures can also transform your spaces in minutes.

Gather the fallen leaves

As the leaves pile up on the ground, collect some of your favorites and use them to create crafty fall decor. You can glue each leaf to a piece of cardstock, and then hang several of them up in neat rows for warm yet modern wall art. Check out these fall leaf crafts from Country Living for more ideas, including placemats, welcome signs, candle holders and garlands.

Paint your pumpkins

Who says you have to carve your pumpkins? Instead, paint them for a chic and custom look. Plus, they'll last way beyond Halloween. If you're more comfortable holding a pen than a paint brush, use metallic markers in bronze and gold to draw on white pumpkins. Here are some fun pumpkin painting ideas from Good Housekeeping to get your creative juices flowing.

Happy decorating!