Lacking in the time and space department? That doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a total-body workout routine. Even just a few minutes a day is better than nothing - and there are plenty of routines designed for small gyms, home or hotel spaces.

There's no room for excuses with these quick and effective exercises:

Grab just the dumbbells

The only equipment this small-space workout from requires is a set of dumbbells. The idea with this routine is to make each move really count, working as many muscle groups as possible. For instance, squat to press engages the legs and shoulders, while squat jumps get your heart rate pumping simultaneous to some leg muscle action. All it takes is three sets of six moves and you're done!

Get resourceful

If you don't have dumbbells - don't worry. You can take advantage of the items in your home or hotel room to complete your workout. For instance, a sturdy chair is the perfect companion for split squats, tricep dips and even bicep curls. Follow this 15-minute hotel room exercise from Verywell Fit to try out this resourcefulness.

Try bodyweight moves

You don't need weights, resistance bands or workout equipment to work your muscles fully. In fact, personal trainer Samantha Clayton told Prevention magazine that "your own body is the best piece of equipment you own."

Plus, basic bodyweight moves don't require a lot of space to complete. Think lunges, squats, burpees, skater jumps, mountain climbers, planks and push-ups. According to the magazine, these are some of the most effective bodyweight exercises you can do.

Go for the circuit

When you only have space to complete a few moves, why not repeat them to get your full workout in? This circuit workout from PopSugar Fitness only involves six moves, either holding them for a minute duration or completing two sets of reps.

Armed with these quick total body workouts that don't require much space, you're ready to get your fitness on!