Indulging in exquisite - and not so healthy yet totally delicious - cuisine goes hand in hand with a cruise vacation. It's a time to let go and enjoy all the pleasures of life, from dessert every night to daily naps under the sun.

With that said, the last thing you want is stomach issues to interrupt your relaxing vacation. That's why you should avoid eating these foods on your next cruise:

Raw seafood

Many cruise lines offer sushi bars that look fabulous, but you can't confirm how fresh the ingredients actually are if you're unsure how long they've been out of the refrigerator. In a similar vein, oysters are not always a safe choice because they can put you at risk of infection when they're not handled properly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In general, it's better not to test your luck and steer clear of raw foods on cruise ships.

The wrong kind of eggs

Insider tip from Cruise Critic: Avoid the scrambled eggs at breakfast buffets because it's likely that they're made from powdered products rather than the real thing. Instead, head to the made-to-order egg or omelet station for confirmed flavor and freshness.


Be wary of the ketchup and mustard! Shared bottles can carry lots of germs and bacteria, so go for individual serving packets when possible. You can also ask cruise ship staff for a fresh bottle, especially if it looks like the condiments have been sitting out for a while.

Unpasteurized dairy products

Much like condiments, unpasteurized products are breeding grounds for things that can single-handedly kill your appetite for days, including norovirus and salmonella. While most milk, eggs, butter and cheese products are pasteurized, feel free to double check with onboard staff to put your stomach at ease.

With these no-nos off the menu, you're free to indulge as you wish.