You understand their motives. After all, you want a deck chair by the pool to lounge in under the glorious sun as well. But when deck chair hogs claim the prime seating with bags and towels, and then promptly abandon it, you're understandably a tad miffed that you're struggling to find a space to post up because of these cruisers.

Here are some top tips from Cruise Critic to outsmart cruise deck chair hogs:

Beat them to it

Plan to rise early and head to the cruise deck before the hogs get there. Enjoy some time under the morning sun, and make sure to stay in the seat so no one can accuse you of being a hypocrite!

Ask for assistance

Feel free to ask a crew member to intervene. Cruise ship employees have certainly seen their fair share of deck chair hogs and can remove the person's belongings for you.

Head to an upper deck

There tend to be fewer crowds on the upper decks, which means you'll have a better chance of finding a chair to lounge away peacefully. Don't forget your sunscreen, though, as the upper decks are typically more exposed to the sun's rays.

Indulge in your very own deck chair

If you can't be bothered to deal with the deck chair hogs, consider upgrading your cabin to one with a large outdoor balcony when you book your next cruise. That way, you'll have your own private outdoor space complete with a lounger free from chair hoggers.

Cruise during the off season

Cruise Radio offered another idea: Book your cruise during the less popular sailing times. Ideally, the crowds won't be as intense and there will be more deck chairs for the taking.

With any luck, you'll outsmart the chair hogs and reclaim some well-deserved sunbathing space.