Sailing on the opens seas is a glorious way to spend your vacation time - but don't forget that your cabin won't be as spacious as the viewing deck. Cruise Critic put it into glaring perspective: A standard cruise cabin is about 185 square feet, while the average U.S. hotel room is roughly 330 square feet.

Keep these hacks in mind to make the most of your tight quarters:

Pack with your cabin in mind

The more you bring, the more likely your cabin will feel stuffed to the brim. The last thing you want is unnecessary clutter to fill your already limited space, so make sure to pack smartly. Narrow your clothing, shoe and accessory options from the get-go with a reasonably sized suitcase.

Find the hidden storage

Most cruise ship cabins have surprise storage locations, such as inside ottomans, behind vanity mirrors or above the bed. You can also put things under the bed so they're out of the way.

Bring magnets

Take advantage of the metal cabin walls by hanging important papers or schedules with magnets. You can even bring magnetic hooks to alleviate surface space and hang up purses, jackets, wet bathing suits, towels and more.

Move around the furniture

Most cruise cabin furniture is either extremely heavy or bolted to the ground, but there are small pieces that can usually be removed. When you get to your room, ask the cabin crew if they can take extraneous stools or decorative pillows away so you can maximize the space. According to Cruise Critic, depending on the cruise line and cabin type, you may also be able to ask them to move the beds to better suit your needs.

Pull out these hacks as soon as you board so you can unpack quickly and head to the deck to enjoy that breathtaking view.